• Decree Absolute

    Decree Nisi
    Decree Nisi is not a familiar term amongst society but for those that have undergone the process know that it is the confirming of proven grounds for divorce and the marriage has failed. However, this formal process doesn’t result in the divorce being acknowledged and documented legally, so either party is not free to remarry.

    Divorce Decree
    Decree Absolute
    The Decree Absolute isthe final proceeding of a divorce Decree Nisi procedure. This legally ends the marriage and either party are then free to remarry at will. As with Decree Nisi, there is no default formal requirement for either party to attend court and the record is filed in the form of a certificate of divorce.
    Divorce Certificate
    This is the formal record of the Decree Absolute. As this is a legal record, it is legal evidence that either party are not tied into a previous marriage and are free to choose a marital and legal partner. This divorce certificate is vital in providing marital status and is often the sole individual record for eligibility of future remarriage. With an Apostille Stamp, the divorce certificate allows legal freedom to remarry in most countries that follow the Hague Convention of Apostille (95% of countries follow this legality).
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